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Instructor / Founder

Calvin Chee
The article compellingly portrays the story of Calvin Chee, the founder and instructor, whose professional background as a businessman outside maritime activities adds a unique dimension to his venture. Despite his unconventional path, Calvin's personal interests revolve around the sea, with a special focus on its conservation and marine life.

Recognizing the gap in environmental engagement among sea enthusiasts, Calvin imparts his extensive knowledge to train divers of the highest skill and quality. Known for his patience, he goes beyond technical instruction, helping individuals confront their diving-related fears by identifying and resolving specific concerns.

Graduates from his courses emerge not only as skilled divers but also as environmentally conscious individuals, equipped to protect the ocean. With a vision to transform the company into a thriving diver club, Calvin encourages all divers to prioritize environmental conservation while engaging in this exhilarating activity. The comprehensive training sessions, lasting approximately an hour, include crucial safety information about equipment functionalities, reinforcing a commitment to responsible and safe diving practices among participants.